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  • Selective raw materials and the latest technology
    Selective raw materials and the latest technology

    Only the best wood is used in production. We meet the requirements of customers, constantly improving the quality of their products.

  • Durability and environmental friendliness
    Durability and environmental friendliness

    The thermowood is superior in quality to many building materials, while being absolutely safe for the environment.

  • The beauty of natural wood for your home
    The beauty of natural wood for your home

    Using heat-treated wood offers truly limitless possibilities in landscape design and home decoration.

Thermally modified wood – What is it?

Top text moduleWood seasoning in a high-temperature and high-pressure environment – that is the process of thermal treatment of wood. Whenever you need to choose a material for building or decoration, you need to decide whether you’re going to use synthetic or organic. Synthetic material is cheaper, but its environmental friendliness...


Properties of thermally modified wood

Top text moduleThermally modified wood greatly surpasses other building materials in its qualities, while being safe for the environment. Temperature and pressure treatment gives wood the following properties: 1. Durability. Thanks to the treatment, the wood becomes 20 times more resistant to the emergence of fungi, mold and other germs...


Tree species

Ясень Ash. Found everywhere throughout Europe, this tree is considered one of the most important tree species. It’s durable, viscous and it possesses beautiful natural texture and color.
Дуб Oak. Oak has a slightly yellow shade and a very beautiful natural texture. Its main advantages are resistance to physical impact and astounding durability. The wood darkens slightly over time, giving it the noble appearance of an aged tree.
Сосна Pine. Very durable wood, resistant to biological factors such as mold and decomposition. It is widely used in many areas, such as construction, furniture manufacturing and engineering.
Бук Beech. Beech wood is most often used in the manufacturing of furniture from thermally treated wood. After the treatment, the wood bends perfectly and is easily polished, making it irreplaceable for house decoration. It acquires a noble pinkish-brown shade over time.