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Brushed boards

bdoskaBrushing is a special and non-standard process for wood finishing. Most often it is used during flooring production to obtain brushed parquet.

During brushing, soft fibers are removed from the upper layer of wood with a special brush, resulting in a surface with a clearly defined structure of tree rings. With usage of proper coloring, this effect functions as artificial aging, since time affects unprotected wood in a similar way. This type of treatment looks good on massive floorboards, parquet, stairs, doors, furniture and other wooden parts of the interior.

In factory conditions, brushing is performed by special brushing machines with replaceable brushes. Deep brushing is done with steel, thick bristle brushes, light brushing is done with brushes made of synthetic fiber. Sandblasting is a similar technology, in which fibers are removed by a stream of sand instead of a brush. Brushing makes boards rough to the touch, while sandblasting makes their surfaces uneven, but smooth.

Brushing makes products made from thermally modified wood particularly attractive. After brushing, the wood can be varnished, oiled or waxed using standard technology.