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Facade board

Facade finished with a product from thermally modified wood is beautiful and unique in itself. Natural wood exudes warmth and comfort, besides, the facade system made from thermally treated wood is impervious to biological influence, keeps its shape and requires no maintenance. The facade board from thermally modified wood is an excellent finishing material that combines the nobility and aesthetics of natural wood with strength and durability surpassing that of synthetic materials. Some distinctive features of a facade board made from thermally treated wood are:

  •  RELIABILITY — retains its appearance for a very long period of time.
  •  STABILITY — does not change its shape under the influence of weather and/or time;
  •  LOW THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY — 30% lower than that of ordinary wood;
  •  LOW HYGROSCOPICITY — absorbs almost no water vapor from the air and therefore does not rot.  

Facade board profiles 

Сосна экстра

A bar – is a piece of wood made from various wood species which is used for encasement. At the present time, bars are successfully being used for finishing country houses; it’s perfect for facade cladding, construction of fences and pavilions, or for creating pieces of decoration.

Nowadays, there are several types of bar profiles on the market. The most popular of these are the slanted and the classic profile.

Our company will customize any profile configuration according to your needs.  


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A support frame is a frame specially installed on the surface of the house which allows the future ventilated casing to be fixed firmly in place and consists mostly of reinforced fasteners. The use of metal guarantees stability and resistance to environmental influences. The frame can also be made of wood – a grid with a step of about 70 centimeters is perfectly suited for this. It adheres loosely to the walls, allowing the air to pass through.

A support frame made from thermally modified wood is ideal for the facade foundation, and an optimal choice in terms of price to quality ratio. We produce the beams from thermally treated pine wood. It guarantees stability in shape and size as well as resistance to external factors. The beam is attached directly to the bearing wall and leveled, and then the facade board is attached to the beam.