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Furniture board

lsFurniture boards are very popular products which are used everywhere not only for furniture production but for various other tasks. Nowadays, furniture manufacturers use furniture boards in their line of work in order to get high-quality and reliable tables, chairs, cupboards, etc. It is worth noting that the most reliable boards are the ones made from thermally modified wood – it’s a material which possesses truly unique qualities. It is indispensable when high dimensional accuracy is required, for example in the process of making windows and doors.

Window frames

Constant weather changes and dry warm air have a destructive effect on usual wooden window frames: over time they deform, crack and cease to perform their functions. Window frames made from thermally modified wood will last much longer and keep their appearance over time. Such frames will not shrink, swell or crack.

Wooden stairs

Strength is very important for products subject to constant pressure. Thermally modified wood is much stronger than many other building materials, and therefore is perfect for making staircases and ladders. They will be not only strong but also aesthetically attractive. Those who know the value of natural, strong and eye-pleasing materials will certainly appreciate these products..