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Garden tiles

sadparketGarden tile from thermally modified wood is an innovative building material created for design and decoration of outdoor areas. It’s the easiest and most economical way to build a floor for a garden, a pool area, a roof, a pier or a veranda. Thermally modified wood is vastly superior to many other building materials while being absolutely safe. Garden tiles from thermally modified wood look attractive and ensure good air circulation. It feels nice to walk barefoot on them.

What is garden parquet?
Garden parquet consists of small wooden slats connected to each other by screws and firmly fixed on a plastic base. Each section is easily attached to adjacent ones in any required order, while the slots between them guarantee stability and a natural air layer.

Advantages of garden parquet

The main advantage of such a covering is its economic cost, compared to other alternatives. Moreover, it has several other useful properties which make it a very solid and reasonable choice.

Some of those properties are:

parket1. Resistance to changes in temperature and moisture.
2. Imperviousness to rotting, fungus formation and other environmental harmful effects.
3. Does not have any special installation conditions.
4. Ideal for allergic people
5. Resistant to mechanical damage.
6. Does not require a lot of maintenance.

To increase the service life of the parquet, we recommend using special oils or glazes, which will protect the parquet from corrosion and burnout. The treatment should be done before installation so that the back side can be thoroughly covered as well. We recommend installing the parquet on a prepared and leveled concrete area, avoiding direct contact with the ground.