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Thermally modified wood – What is it?

termoderevoWood seasoning in a high-temperature and high-pressure environment – that is the process of thermal treatment of wood. Whenever you need to choose a material for building or decoration, you need to decide whether you’re going to use synthetic or organic. Synthetic material is cheaper, but its environmental friendliness and safety leave much to be desired. Simply dried wood is susceptible to the negative effects of humidity, temperature and insects, which leads to its fragility. A sensible alternative solution is a product made from thermally modified wood, which can rightly be considered a material of the future.
Thermally treated wood is second to none in its qualities. It does not change its properties under the influence of moisture, heat and cold, it will not crack, dry up or start creaking. Thermally treated wood doesn’t rot, doesn’t accommodate mold and fungus and does not require any treatment or coloring; it’s enough to cover it in polish or oil to improve its appearance. Furthermore, the safety of the material is unparalleled: it is completely ecological and harmless even for children.