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Properties of thermally modified wood

svojstva termodrevesiniThermally modified wood greatly surpasses other building materials in its qualities, while being safe for the environment.
Temperature and pressure treatment gives wood the following properties:
1. Durability. Thanks to the treatment, the wood becomes 20 times more resistant to the emergence of fungi, mold and other germs. This happens because the polysaccharides contained in the wood are completely decomposed under the influence of high temperatures. The wood doesn’t require any additional protective coating.
2. Stability. Products made from thermally modified wood stand out in their ability to keep their shape regardless of weather conditions. They do not change their shape over time.
3. Low hygroscopicity. Thermally modified wood barely absorbs any water vapor from the air, and therefore is not prone to decay. Even if the material stays in water for an extended period, it’s moisture content will not exceed 8%.
4. Density. The upper layer of thermally modified wood is resistant to any weather surprises.
5.Safety. No chemical substances are involved in the process of thermal treatment of wood, it is absolutely safe for the environment and living beings.
6. Aesthetics. The influence of high temperatures increases the aesthetic value of food: its texture becomes clearly developed and it gains a rich, evenly distributed color, improving its decorative qualities.