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Terrace boards

Many open areas have places subject to constant exposure to moisture, such as swimming pools, artificial ponds or saunas. Invariably the question arises: which material to choose during the construction of these areas? After all, few materials can endure such difficult conditions without losing its original shape.

8A terrace board made from thermally modified wood is an ideal solution for this problem: it barely absorbs water, doesn’t swell and retains heat perfectly. Furthermore, a special drying process makes the wood resistant to mold and corrosion, so the terrace can keep its original appearance for a long time. If you want your terrace to serve you even longer and not fade under the sun, you need to coat it with a special protective layer.

Mounting a terrace from thermally modified wood does not require any special skills.

Terrace board profiles

It’s no secret that the appearance of the facing depends directly on profile geometry, which can be divided into two types: decking and anti-slip.

The anti-slip profile has a special textured surface which prevents slipping even in wet weather. 


 Floor foundation

Before installing the terrace board, you need to make sure that you have a strong foundation that can withstand pressure for long periods of time. It can be made of concrete, old broken up tiles or bricks, cobbles, wooden flooring or grid, wherein a flat surface is not required – you just have to make sure that the boards fit snugly.

 Protective coatings

The use of a protective coating on thermally treated wood is necessary for many reasons. To begin with, oils and glazes will protect the wood from harmful UV radiation, burning out and discoloration. Moreover, a high-quality coating will not let dust, dirt and stains spoil the appearance of your terrace.


Nowadays, you can order a terrace board made from high-quality wood, which will stand out in its durability and resistance to natural influences compared to a conventional floorboard. Even though it’s cheaper and more popular than a terrace board, it starts to look very unattractive and worn out in a few years.

Advantages of the terrace board:

  • - natural look;
  • - beautiful appearance;
  • - low costь;
  • - prevents slipping;
  • - decorative value;
  • - good transfer of heat